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Situated in The Hamptons in Edmonton's West-End,Copperwood offers well-designed homes inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement of the early 20th century. Many of our lots back onto a beautiful, sprawling 15-acre treed area with great walkking trails.
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When the community of Copperwood was first established, an encumbrance was registered against each lot to allow for the establishment of a neighbourhood homeowners association.  The Copperwood Homeowners Association (CHOA) is comprised of all registered owners within the Copperwood area registered under that encumbrance. The fees collected each year allow for beautification enhancements to take place throughout our neighbourhood, complementing the work the City of Edmonton is already doing.

The encumbrance allows the Board of Directors of the CHOA to collect a fee from the residents.  The CHOA Board of Directors sets the amount and use of those fees; the fee are currently $185/yr.

Invoices were sent out in February for payment by no later than May 31st.

The fees cover the period of June 1 through May 31 of the given year.


Collecting money for a service is an age old problem. There will always be those people that will simply not pay. There are others that don’t understand the value of what they are being asked to pay for. Some don’t care, etc.

Everyone consciously is interested in only one thing and that is...    What’s in it for me?

why your fee is a great deal

You have a handful of committed people spending many hours, collectively and without compensation, to bring about thousands of dollars worth of positive effects annually that make your community a more pleasant place to live and your property more valuable. This is one of the best deals you will ever get!

how not paying your hoa fee hurt all homeowners, including you!

When you don’t pay your fee there is less money to use to improve the area. As well, money that is wasted in collection costs could be put to better use, both by the association and by yourself. Volunteers could be spending more time on making neighbourhood improvements rather than chasing you for your Fee. By not paying your fee, you are asking other Homeowners to pay for the benefit you receive. How would you feel if you were asked to pay someone else’s bill?


The following criteria must be met:

1. Emailed to payments@copperwood-edmonton.com

2. Your question must be - Fees are due by?

3. Answer for question must be one of the following:

May31.fee or May31fee

4. $190 - the $185 fee plus the online convenience fee of $5.

5. Invoice Number in notes section.

6. Address in notes section.

7. Name in notes section.

If you have any questions, please email



Copperwood Homeowners Association

c/o CAE Management

5907-208 Street

Edmonton AB

T6M 0L1

Kindly indicate the address of the home you are paying the fee for within the memo section of the cheque.


Enjoy real craftsman-inspired living in the west-end of Edmonton. Follow the map and our directions below to The Hamptons subdivision, and see for yourself the beauty of Copperwood's real craftsman-inspired community.
The main entrance to Copperwood is located at Hemingway Road and 199 Street, between 45 Avenue and 62 Avenue.

Driving Directions:

  • Take Whitemud Drive westbound to Anthony Henday
  • Turn left (south) onto Anthony Henday
  • Turn right (west) at your first set of lights onto 62 Ave.
  • Turn left (south) at the lights onto 199 Street
  • Turn right (west) onto Hemingway Road
  • Turn left (south) at the Copperwood entry feature onto Hope Road

board of directors

Brad Abel
Ryan Henry
Greg Bentz
Rob Gibbon
Kris Schinke
Al Dredge
Paul Jones
Orest Dmytryshyn

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Copperwood Homeowners Association represents the interests of the homeowners in the Copperwood neighbourhood. Our priorities rest with the beautification of the common green spaces, as well as developing and sense of pride and community within our neighbourhood.

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