What does the HOA do?

  • Generally speaking, the responsibility of any HOA is to maintain areas of the defined neighborhood that are not maintained or provided by the city or to supplement the services already expected. In the case of CHOA, it is to maintain landscaping services along boulevards and common areas, maintain flower beds, provide flower pots and plantings. In addition the CHOA has also elected to maintain certain elements of wood fencing, stone structures and wrought iron in common areas. Refer to Society Bylaws.

Why do I have to pay HOA fees ?

  • When the community of Copperwood was first established, an encumbrance was registered against each lot to allow for the establishment of a neighbourhood homeowners association.  The Copperwood Homeowners Association (CHOA) is comprised of all registered owners within the Copperwood area registered under that encumbrance. This is a legal entitlement of the HOA to collect annual payments and can not be opted out of by the homeowner.

Others don’t pay,, why should I ?

  • ‍This misconception is commonly heard and the reality is quite the opposite. The CHOA will assess interest penalties and legal caveat registrations against outstanding balances. Continued non-payment can result in significant costs that could be avoided by simply paying on time. See Collections Policy for details.

When are the fees due?

  • Invoices are mailed out to all known registered owners in February. The invoice is due by May 31 of that year. The Fee covers a 1 year period June 1 of the current year to May 31 of the following year.
    • Fees are reviewed every year and are currently $185.

What happens to my Fee when I move ?

  • The Fee covers a 1 year period and if you move in-between, provided it has been paid, the coverage continues for the new residents. There is no refund on the balance. Generally speaking prior to the transaction being finalized the lawyers handling the transition will reach out the CHOA to verify if any outstanding balances remain and will be dealt with at that time.

I just moved out of/into the neighborhood, what do I do ?

  • We would certainly appreciate receiving an email indicating when you would be moving so we can update our records to address future invoices to the new owners. We try our best to ensure there is an effective process in the back end to keep the Residents List as accurate as possible, however it ultimately is the owners responsibility to notify the Association of change in ownership.

How can I know what’s going on with the CHOA?

  • Join the board by attending the AGM and putting your name forward to serve.
  • Visit our Facebook page
  • watch for blog postings on our Website home page
  • attend the annual AGM meeting in March. Notices to all residents are mailed out prior, informing of the location and time.
  • send an email to info@copperwood-edmonton.com with your inquiry.

What is the paint code for the fence paint

  • Available with a discount at Cloverdale Paints on 15844-111 Ave

How do I pay my annual Fee?

  • You can pay either by cheque or E-transfer (additional fee). Refer to  Fee’s section for particular instructions.

If I don’t pay my fees what will happen?

  • See Collections Policy for details.

Can anyone serve on the HOA board?

  • Almost always Yes! Any member in good standing, see Society Bylaws for details.

I am renting, do I pay the Annual Fee?

  • The registered encumbrance on the property is applied to the registered owner of the property. Therefore if you are renting, you would not be responsible for the Fee.

If I see damage or maintenance issues in the neighborhood, do I report it to the HOA?

  • The best course of action is to start with 311, that will serve the needs for 90% or more of the inquiries we have traditionally been aware of, Eg trees, streetlights, garbage, vandalism, crime, unsightly property, parking complaints, noise.
  • The areas of jurisdiction that the CHOA can address is damages to community property (common fencing-wood-metal-stone), common area landscaping.

What are the architectural requirements?

  • Specific requirements are listed on the Restricted Covenant for the home. These would have been provided at time of purchase. Please consult your lawyer to obtain the information or you can get a copy from any Registries office.

  Are there any landscaping controls?

  • The only really compliance component for any home within the CHOA is outlined in your respective Restricted Covenant for Architectural Controls. Initial minimum landscaping requirements ( # of caliper trees, shrubs, etc.) are required when the home is first built but after that, there is very little influence any HOA has over the ongoing appearance and upkeep.
  • At a minimum, the only guidelines would be within the Edmonton Community Standards guidelines as to what violations would cause concerns from an enforcement perspective.

My house number sign is faded, where can I get it repaired or replaced?